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"Become the master of your studies"

The Learn2Learn module is an engaging and immersive self-paced module designed to help and support students in the development and enhancement of their self-regulated learning skills across online, flipped, and hybrid learning environments.

For Students


The Learn2Learn module provides an opportunity for students to engage in topics around goal setting, planning, learning @ WSU, working with others, support @ WSU, and tracking your progress.

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For Teaching Staff


This site provides Academics and instructors the ability to choose a lesson from the Learn2Learn module and embed it in-line with their instructional materials within a vUWS site for just-in-time learning.

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What is Learn2Learn?

Learn2Learn is a self-paced module to help and support students in the development and enhancement of their self-regulated-learning skills. Currently, the module content is divided into six categories to support students in their journey of becoming a self-regulated learner.

Goal Setting

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This category demonstrates the process of creating goals, and offer students strategies on how to attain them.


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Planning and time management strategies have emerged as important cognitive regulatory aspects of self-regulated learning leading to higher academic achievement.

Learning @ WSU

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Tertiary education can be overwhelming to many students. This module aims to help students adapt to the new demands of studying at a university.


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Communication and collaboration strategies are useful for students as they work on group projects, share ideas and information.

Support @ WSU

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These lessons outline resources and links on how to access support services offered by the University.

Tracking your progress

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Tracking or monitoring your progress is useful for students to identify strengths and address areas of improvement within their learning journey.